HAVANA -- Cuba has denounced what it claims is U.S. espionage on the island and broadcast a television film that it said showed Americans engaged in spying.

The half-hour film, broadcast Monday night during a peak viewing period on Cuban television, was called "The CIA War Against Cuba" and reportedly is to be followed by six more segments. It showed diplomats, or their wives, hiding or collecting -- in public parks, bushes by the roadside, under bridges -- what were identified as sophisticated communications equipment and parcels containing large sums of Cuban money.

The Cuban presentation followed broadcast by the U.S. government's Radio Marti of an interview with a Cuban Air Force defector, Gen. Rafael del Pino Diaz, who alleged low morale in the Cuban military because of losses in Africa.

Narration accompanying the film said all the Americans shown belonged to the U.S. interest section here and identified them as CIA agents who were clandestinely filmed between 1981 and February of this year by what the Cuban commentator said were infiltrated Cuban secret service agents.

The program said that since September 1977, 38 of the 69 diplomats permanently accredited to the U.S. mission have been CIA agents. It gave the names of four of them. A State Department spokeswoman refused to comment, as is routine in cases that involve intelligence matters.