Nields:"...My question is simple. Did you tell the Iranians . . . that the secretary of defense had told the president . . . when the American people find out that this has happened, they'll impeach him? . . . ." North: "That is a baldfaced lie, told to the Iranians. And I will tell you right now, I'd have offered the Iranians a free trip to Disneyland if we could have gotten Americans home for it." Nields: "My question right now is, you sent these memoranda up to the national security adviser . . . seeking his approval for something, is that correct?" North: "Judging by the pile of paper you just sent me, I obviously sent too many." Nields: ". . . That's three days after the date of the terms of reference on Exhibit 1. You can check if you wish, or you can take my word for it. It's dated April 4."North: "Will you take my word?" Nields: "At any time did Admiral Poindexter tell you 'Don't send any more memos'. . . seeking approval of the diversions {of funds}?" North: ". . . You insist on referring to it as 'diversion.' I -- my use of Webster does -- leads me to believe that those were 'residuals' and not diverted -- the only thing we did was divert money out of Mr. Ghorbanifar's pocket and put it to a better use . . . . " Nields: "Where are these memoranda . . . that you sent up to Admiral Poindexter seeking the president's approval?" North: "Well, they're probably these books to my left that I haven't looked through yet and I'm going -- if I try to guess, I'm going to be wrong. But I think I shredded most of that. Did I get 'em all?" Nields: " . . . The question stands. I'd like the witness to answer it, if he remembers it . . . . Sir, do you remember the question?" North: "My memory has been shredded. If you would be so kind as to repeat the question." Nields: "I have a feeling that the committee is about to recess for 10 minutes. And when we get back, I'm going to ask you some questions about the statements that were put together by you and others relating to those transactions." North: "That's a cliffhanger of an ending." Nields: "You would agree that at the time Exhibit 23 was prepared, you had been working on these chronologies for approximately 13 days?" North: "I would agree." Nields: "And you had been doing those in your office, your suite of offices in Room 302 of the Old Executive Office Building?" North: "Don't make it sound like more than it was. I'm glad you said Room 302. It was not in the basement -- the only third floor basement in Washington."