Lt. Col. Oliver L. North repeatedly referred in testimony yesterday to then-CIA director William J. Casey's involvement with the Iran-contra operations. North stated that: :: He had discussed with Casey how to disburse money garnered from the Iran arms sales. Casey was "effusive" about using Iranian money to support the contras, calling it "the ultimate irony, the ultimate covert operation." :: He and Casey had discussed a variety of additional covert operations that could be secretly financed with "residuals" from the sale of U.S. arms to Iran. :: Casey had suggested that North set up and administer a contra "operational account" in 1984, then provided a ledger in which to record all account transactions. North destroyed the ledger when details of the arms sales became public, and Casey said, "get rid of that book . . . . " :: Casey "had on several occasions indicated to me how vulnerable our communications were" in the contra resupply operation, "and that I should seek some type of communications support, which I did," by procuring KL43 encoding devices. :: Casey provided North with intelligence information on players in the arms sales deals, telling him Iranian middleman Manucher Ghorbanifar was an Israeli agent. :: Casey was specifically involved in reviewing the sources of arms going to the contras and had directed that "there should be no further dealings" with two arms brokers whom the director found disreputable. :: Casey "was the one" who suggested using retired Air Force major general Richard V. Secord in 1984 "as the person to assist us outside the government to comply with the Boland proscriptions."