Inouye: "The question now {Col. North} is price; please respond to that."

Sullivan: "Col. North is attempting to do the very best he can. And I want to state to the chairman, and I should put it on the record right now, that I believe that we're being subjected to a stall job . . . . "

Inouye: "Who is responsible for the stall, sir?"

Sullivan: "Counsel {is} . . . . When Col. North wants to give an answer which seems to tell the story, he's cut off, and Mr. {John W.} Nields keeps saying to him, 'Well, we'll get back to that' . . . . I don't want to prejudge the committee as some members of the committee have prejudged Col. North, but I suspect . . . that we're meandering through questions in a disjointed fashion so that when it comes Friday, you can say, Mr. Chairman, that it's necessary to continue on Monday or perhaps Tuesday. You know, as a trial lawyer I know a stall when I see one.

"There's never been a lawyer that tried a case that didn't know that stalling and putting a weekend in between a witness' testimony so you can dissect his examination and ask further questions on Monday is not a good tactic . . . . Our goal here is to finish this by the close of business Friday, and I know Col. North is trying his hardest to do that, and I'm trying to do so as well . . . . "

Inouye: "May the record show that it took 4 1/2 minutes to explain the stall."