In a letter dated May 14, Senate Minority Leader Dole said of Senate campaign-finance changes being debated: "I am opposed to the public-financing provisions . . . which would result in the American taxpayer subsidizing Senate election contests and denying him the opportunity to support candidates of his personal choosing."

In the Congressional Record of June 16, Dole noted:

" . . . If there is a groundswell out there, the American people demanding that we pay for our campaigns with their taxes, it has not reached my office yet . . . .

"I have not gotten any flood of mail saying 'I can hardly wait to pay more taxes so we can fund your campaign for the U.S. Senate.' I think that is the fundamental difference."

But in a recent fund-raising letter for his presidential campaign, Dole had a different view of the role of federal funds in campaigns: "I will make a formal decision whether to seek the presidency in the next several months. And one of the most important factors in making that decision will be knowing I can count on your support . . . . "

"P.S. Your gift of up to $250 can actually be worth TWICE AS MUCH to me because it will help me qualify for 'Matching Funds.' The federal government will match your gift dollar-to-dollar up to $250."