BOSTON, JULY 15 -- It was business as usual today for Mayor Raymond Flynn, who "wasn't even late for his meetings" Tuesday after helping police subdue a heavily armed man by trapping the gunman's pit bull terrier.

Flynn was launching a clean-up program for young workers a half mile away when he learned that James Chaney, 59, a part-time junk dealer upset by city orders to clean up his property, was holed up at his home and firing at police.

Chaney had barricaded himself and his pit bull in the dilapidated building and was armed with three rifles, a shotgun and a knife.

Flynn, a former college basketball star, has built an activist image as a regular guy not afraid to roll up his sleeves. When a fire alarm sounds, the story goes, a fire truck and Flynn show up, not necessarily in that order.

True to form, the mayor arrived at Chaney's home and tried to talk to him, first through a negotiator and then directly, Flynn spokesman Arthur Jones said.

Failing to coax Chaney out, Flynn talked himself and police Superintendent William Celester inside. Jones said Flynn wasn't bothered by the rifle, "but he kept his eyes on the dog the whole time."

After 10 minutes, Chaney ordered them out, following them with the dog at his side, immediately behind Flynn. When Flynn opened Chaney's front gate at the sidewalk, he trapped the dog between the gate and the fence.

Jones said police officers rushed in to help Celester subdue Chaney, and Animal Control Officers collared the dog.