Partial transcript of WOL (1450 AM) Morning Show with host Cathy Hughes. Mayor Marion Barry was scheduled to appear at 7 a.m.

Hughes: It's not good for a woman my age {40}. . . to be stood up. Not publicly . . . . We have been waiting one hour and 33 minutes now for the arrival of the mayor.

It is 8:41. We have just been contacted by Mary Layton from the Office of Communications . . . . The message says . . . she apologizes but the mayor is still out of town . . . . They are sorry to inform us so late.

I do not apologize for the mayor, I apologize for us having you all wait for the last hour and 45 minutes for someone who did not bother to even have someone call to tell us he was not going to show. You are listening to a very hot talk show host on WOL.

{Hughes decides to call the mayor's office and begins dialing to speak with Mary Layton.}

8:47 is the time . . . . Boy, am I steaming . . . . I can't believe this. Dead air is the last thing you want in the communications industry, the last thing . . . to sit here and wait.

Hughes to Mary Layton: We have been waiting since 7 o'clock for the mayor.

Layton: Yes, I heard you a few minutes ago.

Hughes: This is public service time . . . .

Layton: . . . You're absolutely right, someone should have called in . . . .

Hughes: Who would be responsible?

Layton: I don't want to point the finger at anyone . . . . I'm sorry again, and I promise you it won't happen again.

Hughes: I know it won't happen again . . . . This is just totally inexcusable and disrespectful {to my audience}. He cannot continue to slap people in their face and expect them to continue to be responsive . . . . You all have got serious problems downtown.

{Hughes and Layton hang up.}

Hughes: Where is the mayor? Do we need to put out an all points bulletin . . . we're missing our mayor . . . .

{Hughes later calls John C. White, the mayor's press secretary. White says later in the day he did not know he was on the air until after he had answered a couple of questions.}

White: This is John White.

Hughes: Mr. White . . . Is the mayor in the District of Columbia?

White: I cannot confirm whether he is or isn't at this point. I just walked in the door . . . . The best thing I can do is call you right back . . . .

Hughes: {9:55 a.m.} I'm so happy this show is over. {Hughes tells her audience about the hundreds of people, most of them black, who she said blindly followed Jim Jones, the cult leader who led a mass suicide in Guyana where his followers drank poisoned Kool-Aid.}

. . . You don't follow anyone blindly, my brothers and sisters . . . . We love Marion Barry. He is the mayor . . . . But if Marion Barry disrespects us, we will cry out . . . . We will not blindly drink the Kool-Aid any longer . . . . "