The D.C. Department of Public Works is planning to do survey work from July 27 to Aug. 8 on the Frederick Douglass Bridge, a week later than the dates given in the Dr. Gridlock column in today's Metro 2 section. The work was postponed after the preprinted section containing the column went to press.

An article Wednesday on a $95 million award to an 8-year-old District boy born with deformed arms and hands said the Public Citizen Health Research Group (HRG) was among those that doubt that scientific studies have shown Bendectin to cause any of a wide variety of birth defects. In June 1982, HRG unsuccessfully petitioned the government to halt Bendectin sales on the ground that the morning-sickness drug may cause hernia of the diaphragm.

Because of an editing error, a chart yesterday referred to a finding on Iran arms sales as having been signed in December 1986. The finding was signed in 1985.

It was incorrectly reported in yesterday's Style section that Rep. Henry J. Hyde (R-Ill.) voted to continue allowing television coverage of this week's testimony by Rear Adm. John M. Poindexter before the Iran-contra committee. Hyde voted against TV coverage, supporting a proposal by Poindexter's lawyer.

A byline on page 55 of today's Weekend section was inadvertently deleted. The story about area crabhouses was written by Marianne Kyriakos.

The Soap Box Derby mentioned in "Weekend's Best" of today's Weekend section does not take place tomorrow, but on Saturday, July 25.