The question mark in Rep. Patricia Schroeder's prospective presidential campaign has been crossed out. In a fund-raising solicitation, the question mark at the end of the phrase "Schroeder in 1988?" has been replaced with a exclamation point.

And while the Colorado Democrat said she will not decide until September whether to run, she is stepping up the pace of her exploration. Schroeder has a full travel schedule -- speaking engagements, joint appearances with other Democratic contenders and fund-raisers -- for the rest of the summer and has raised about $450,000 in contributions and pledges.

Schroeder's appearance at the National Organization for Women's convention last weekend brought in more than $350,000. Close to $100,000 has come in over the transom and from two fund-raisers, spokesman Dan Buck said. Once all the money is collected, Buck said, Schroeder should meet the eligibility requirement for federal matching funds: raising $5,000 in each of 20 states in individual contributions of $250 or less.

Schroeder has set a $2 million goal by the fall and said she will rely heavily on direct mail to bring in the money. Buck said a 30,000-piece mailing went out this week from Denver to Schroeder's personal list of supporters. Direct mail specialist Roger Craver is putting together several major test mailings targeted to issue-oriented voters, Buck added.