In yesterday's editions, the obituary of Frances A. Wiltrout, 75, a retired nurse who died Wednesday, misstated her church affiliation and omitted a sister from among her survivors. She was a member of Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church in Washington. And her survivors include Bernice Ferguson, a sister who lives in Louisville, Ky.

An article in Wednesday's Metro section incorrectly reported that Montgomery County police officer Stephen Filyo Jr. told a police trial board that he grabbed a prisoner by the shirt and shook him in order to handcuff him. Filyo actually testified that the prisoner was already handcuffed to a table but that Filyo grabbed and shook him because the prisoner was still not under control, according to Charles R. Spigelman, the police department's legal adviser.

The four teacher representatives on the Fairfax County merit pay appeals board were elected by all county teachers, not just by members of the Fairfax Education Association as was stated in an article yesterday.

Education students in a new George Washington University program can be certified as secondary school teachers after a year of training and receive a master's degree after two years. An article in Thursday's Virginia Weekly erroneously reported the time it would take to earn the master's degree.

The provision of the Senate-passed trade bill that requires prior notice of factory closings affects companies with more than 100 employes. The impact was described incorrectly in a table Wednesday.