GENEVA, JULY 25 -- Swiss officials said today that the Lebanese man who hijacked an Air Afrique jetliner Friday will be tried in Switzerland for murder and taking hostages.

The suspect, identified as a 21-year-old Lebanese Shiite Moslem named Hussein Ali Mohammed Hariri, is accused of hijacking a DC10 jumbo jet with 164 people aboard on a flight from Brazzaville, Congo, to Paris. During a refueling stop in Geneva the hijacker shot and killed a French passenger before being overpowered by members of the crew.

One of the crew, a Congolese steward, was shot in the stomach. He was reported in good condition after a three-hour operation.

In Beirut today, an unidentified male telephone caller told a radio station that an organization he called "Green Cells" would attack Swiss interests if Switzerland handed over the hijacker for trial in France. France and Iran, which has close ties with the Shiite community in Lebanon, broke diplomatic relations on July 17.

Swiss justice officials said the hijacker faces a sentence of life imprisonment if convicted of commandeering the airliner and killing the French passenger, Xavier-Guillaume Beaulieu, 28, while demanding that the plane be flown to Beirut.

Swiss government and police officials said the hijacker had demanded the release of all Arab prisoners in Israel and southern Lebanon as well as freedom for the Hamadei brothers, Lebanese Shiites facing trial in West Germany for terrorism.