ALBANY, N.Y., JULY 26 -- An airplane carrying New York Gov. Mario M. Cuomo (D) to a governors' convention made an emergency landing today after a warning light indicated that one of the aircraft's engines was on fire.

The Grumman G1 propjet landed safely on one engine at Albany County Airport. The 10 passengers and two pilots were not injured.

The 22-year-old aircraft, owned by the state and used by Cuomo and other top officials on business, was about 20 minutes into a flight from Albany to Traverse City, Mich., when a light in the cockpit indicated a fire in the right-wing engine. The pilots switched off the engine and turned the plane back toward the Albany airport.

Cuomo was en route to Michigan for today's session of the National Governors' Association summer conference. He was to have pushed for a resolution that governors be given more responsibility for the siting and operation of nuclear power plants in their states.

Cuomo telephoned Idaho Gov. Cecil D. Andrus (D), chairman of the assocation's task force on nuclear safety, from the airport to apologize for having to cancel his trip.

"I don't have a good reputation with the other governors because I don't make these things," he said.