ROME, JULY 28 -- Christian Democrat Giovanni Goria today formed Italy's 47th post-World War II government, becoming the nation's youngest prime minister and ending a bitter five-month political deadlock.

Goria, who turns 44 on Thursday, formed a coalition of the same five parties that have governed the country since 1981: Christian Democrats, Socialists, Republicans, Liberals and Social Democrats.

"What we want to do is important," said Goria."Show Italians that we know how to govern well even in difficult conditions and to work together to prepare easier conditions," Goria said.

The new prime minister, who was treasury minister in four previous governments, went to the Quirinal Palace late today to present his list of Cabinet ministers to President Francesco Cossiga, who will swear them in Wednesday.

Goria is to take his government, which has a comfortable majority in Parliament, to both chambers for a debate and vote of confidence later in the week.

Since April, Italy has been run by a caretaker government headed by Christian Democrat Amintore Fanfani, 79, a six-time prime minister who will become Goria's interior minister.

Cossiga named Goria prime minister-designate two weeks ago in a surprise choice aimed at unblocking the political stalemate caused by the resignation March 3 of Socialist prime minister Bettino Craxi.

Craxi was forced out by a long-running dispute over power-sharing between the majority Christian Democrats and the Socialists, who hold the balance of power. Goria was considered a compromise candidate.

The dispute led to early elections in June in which both parties made gains, with the Christian Democrats getting 34.3 percent of the vote and the Socialists 14.3 percent. The opposition Communists, who have been excluded from government since 1947, got 26.6 percent.

Veteran Christian Democrat and five-time prime minister, Giulio Andreotti, will stay on as foreign minister. Other key posts went to Socialist Giuliano Amato, deputy prime minister and treasury minister, and Liberal Valerio Zanone, defense minister.