Excerpts from the exchange yesterday between Defense Secretary Caspar W. Weinberger and House committee deputy chief counsel W. Neil Eggleston. Eggleston: As the secretary of defense, were you surprised to receive an intelligence report that seemed to indicate that American officials were negotiating about weapons with Iranians? Weinberger: Indeed, I was, yes. Eggleston: And when you first got the report, did you take any steps to follow up and see where the report had come from? Weinberger: Yes. Eggleston: And why you didn't know more about it? Weinberger: Yes . . . I talked with the agency which was furnishing those reports . . . through General {Colin L.} Powell, who was my military assistant at the time -- and the first report came back to the effect that this was a mistake, that we weren't on the distribution list and we weren't supposed to have this report. Eggleston: Was this an agency which was within the Department of Defense? Weinberger: It was, indeed, yes. Eggleston: And this agency reported back to the secretary of defense that the secretary was not supposed to have received this item. Weinberger: That was the report we had -- the first report we received, yes. Eggleston: Did you give any advice back to that agency? Weinberger: Yes, I did. I asked Gen. Powell to remind the agency for whom they were working. WEINBERGER EGGLESTON WEINBERGER EGGLESTON