PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI, AUG. 3 -- A mob armed with machetes hacked to death and then burned a prominent government opponent and two of his supporters yesterday in Leogane 20 miles west of here, Radio Antilles reported.

The report quoted a politician as saying Louis Eugene Athis, 46, of the centrist Movement for the Liberation of Haiti, was preparing to address a political assembly on the steps of a church at about 10:30 a.m. when a crowd approached shouting "Communist! Communist!" and attacked him and two colleagues with stones, sticks and machetes.

In another incident, a prominent former guerrilla with a group of armed men drove into his hometown and battled with soldiers today, radio reports said. The military said the men were recruiting people to overthrow the ruling junta.

No one was injured in the skirmish in the southwestern town of Jeremie, 180 miles from the capital, and the group of eight to 10 men escaped, said Col. Gary Leon, chief-of-staff of Haiti's armed forces.

Radio Metropole reported Bernard Sansaricq, who spent years in the United States before dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier fled last year, arrived in Jeremie with three carloads of armed men and handed out part of his arsenal to peasants. Two men were arrested, the report quoted a government official as saying.

Sansaricq, 42, leads the National People's Party of Haiti, one of five small political parties that joined last month in a group called the Coalition for the Final Struggle. He participated in two separate attempts to overthrow the Duvalier regime.

Opposition leaders including Sansaricq have denounced junta president Lt. Gen. Henri Namphy for repressing the populace and flouting the constitution and have demanded that he resign along with the other junta members.

Soldiers have shot at least 32 people dead and wounded more than 200 in a series of general strikes and antigovernment demonstrations since June 29.