Marion G. (Pat) Robertson has been hard at work on a direct-mail campaign to interest supporters in signing up as delegates to a Florida Republican Party convention in November. This despite his campaign's insistence that its efforts are aimed solely at a petition drive that is to end two months earlier, when Robertson has said he will decide whether to become a presidential candidate.

Robertson has refused to file financial-disclosure reports with the Federal Election Commission. His aides called the drive to attract 3 million supporters to sign petitions part of an exploratory process and said Robertson therefore is not required to file with the FEC. Spokeswoman Connie Snapp said, "We're still testing the water. We're up to our nose."

In a letter written on Americans for Robertson stationery, Robertson said, "During the past 10 months, I have used every possible moment of my time to spread my hope and vision . . . . Support for my candidacy has risen up in . . . every part of the nation." He then asked for help in the Florida convention Nov. 14 and told how to become a delegate.

"I can see how that could be interpreted as mixed signals," Snapp said, insisting that all of Robertson's field workers are focusing attention on the petition drive. She said Robertson has 1 million signatures and has been promised another million. "If we don't have 3 million signed by Sept. 17, we won't run, period," she said. "But we have to assume we're going to . . . it's kind of an unusual situation."