JOHANNESBURG, AUG. 7 -- South Africa's largest trade union made an unprecedented call today to about 200,000 black workers in the country's gold and coal industry to abandon mines when a nationwide strike begins on Sunday.

Also today, Britain's Standard Chartered Bank, the last foreign bank to have major business interests in South Africa, said it would sell its South African assets, marking the biggest disinvestment yet by a foreign company in protest of Pretoria's apartheid system of racial segregation.

The sale by Standard Chartered of its 39 percent stake in Standard Bank, South Africa's second-biggest bank, was worth about $340 million, Chairman Henri de Villiers said.

Scores of other foreign companies, including U.S. giants General Motors, IBM and Xerox, have pulled out in the past two years, citing poor economic prospects in South Africa and pressure from antiapartheid campaigners.

The National Union of Mineworkers said the call that workers should leave hostels at 46 gold and coal mines followed indications the nation's six powerful mining companies planned antistrike action that could threaten strikers' safety.

"As soon as the strike starts on Sunday all workers should pack their bags and go home, leaving all mines empty," NUM general secretary Cyril Ramaphosa said.

Ramaphosa said the union made the call after the Chamber of Mines, which represents the mining firms, failed to respond to a union demand that it abandon plans to cut off food to striking miners or to charge them for board and lodging during the strike.

Meanwhile, the South African government today named 1,169 people detained without trial under emergency rules declared 14 months ago to curb black unrest.

It was one of the lowest figures announced by the government, which according to civil rights groups has held about 25,000 people for varying periods since the state of emergency was imposed.

{A black man was burned to death and 16 others wounded by masked gunmen during an outbreak of violence near Durban, the first such killing in more than a month, United Press International reported. The 19-year-old man was killed when his assailants placed a burning tire around his neck.}