FORT MILL, S.C. -- The new leadership of the PTL ministry cleaned its house of more relatives of fallen founder Jim Bakker, firing Bakker's elderly parents and ordering the closing of a home for handicapped children where his cousin lives, sources said yesterday.

Raleigh Bakker, 80, and his wife, Furnia, were away from the PTL's Heritage USA headquarters when chief executive officer Harry Hargrave issued the order dismissing them from their jobs as PTL greeters Friday, Bakker allies said.

George Trakas, treasurer of the dissident Assocation of PTL Partners, said they were on vacation. "They don't even know about it yet."

Kevin's House, an ornate, baby-blue structure with a dozen bedrooms for youngsters with varying degrees of handicaps, was ordered closed and its primary resident, Kevin, was evicted.

Kevin and his sister, who also is handicapped, are the adopted children of George Bakker, Jim Bakker's cousin.

They were the latest Bakker relatives to be ousted as PTL continues cleaning house under the leadership of the Rev. Jerry Falwell. Bakker's brother, Norm, and Norm's wife, Dorothy, were fired two months ago and given 60 days to leave their home on PTL grounds. Donna Puckett, Bakker's sister, was dismissed in May.