Is America ready for a "Rendezvous With Reality"? That's the overall theme that Rep. Patricia Schroeder (D-Colo.) plans to use as the foundation of her presidential campaign -- if she launches one, that is.

The theme was devised to convey Schroeder's argument that Ronald Reagan has given the American people lots of hoopla and "happy talk" but little real progress. Schroeder plans to say in her announcement speech (should she deliver one) that she would move past talk and get down to work on solving national problems.

The Rendezvous with Reality campaign may not become a reality unless Schroeder's fund-raising picks up steam. With her 12-week exploratory period more than half over, she has raised only about 10 percent of her goal.

Direct-mail expert Roger Craver (a veteran of John Anderson's 1980 campaign) sent out a national appeal for Schroeder last week; thus Schroeder should have a good idea within four weeks whether she can raise enough money to make the race.

Schroeder, by the way, has received offers from several prominent women, including Jane Fonda and Judy Collins, to help raise money. But she and her staff are wary of accepting these offers because she doesn't want to typecast her effort as a "women's campaign." Instead, Schroeder is looking for prominent male politicians, athletes or actors to climb on her bandwagon.