NDJAMENA, CHAD, AUG. 9 -- Libyan planes today bombed Chadian military positions in the northern town of Aozou, the Chadian Army said. The reported attack came one day after Chad claimed that it had liberated the main town in a border strip that has been under Libyan occupation for the past 14 years.

"Since this morning, the Libyan Air Force has been carrying out intensive bombing on Aozou town and neighboring villages," an Army statement on the Chadian government radio said.

Libyan warplanes "are pelting the people of the liberated areas with rockets and napalm and scatter bombs," the statement said.

Chad, which has been waging a lengthy border war with Libya, said yesterday that it took control of the town of Aozou, the administrative base of a 42,000-square-mile border strip annexed by Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi in 1973. The strip is said to be rich in uranium and minerals.

The statement over government radio gave no casualty figures for either side.

In Paris, a Chadian spokesman said Libya still controlled a key air base straddling the border.

{Military observers said Chad probably would not be able to control the Aozou strip until the several thousand Libyan troops guarding the base are driven out, United Press International reported.}