Sen. Biden told farmers in Iowa that tackling crop prices depressed by overproduction and redirecting federal price supports to small and medium-sized farms are the top priorities of his agricultural policy.

"If we want to save the family farm," Biden said at rallies at family farms in Massena on Thursday and Coon Rapids on Friday, "then let's change the pricing system to make sure the medium-sized farmer gets a decent return on his crop."

Biden used this campaign swing through western Iowa to introduce his $2 billion program to lower interest rates for struggling farmers and his $1 billion spending program to protect the nation's ground water supplies. In addition, Biden wants to create a 20-year, $1.5 billion research program to find new uses for old crops, cut research aimed at boosting yields, give farmers the first chance to buy land held by government lenders and boost mediation efforts and rural development programs.

Biden said farm programs must target middle-sized farmers, rather than provide government subsidies for conglomerate producers or hobby farmers. "We must assure a fair price on a limited level of production, so many bushels per producer. If you want to sell more, you're free to, but you're on your own," he said.