Terry A. Anderson, chief Middle East correspondent for The Associated Press, kidnaped March 16, 1985. Anderson was born in Lorain, Ohio, and raised in Batavia, N.Y. Thomas Sutherland, acting dean of agriculture at the American University of Beirut, kidnaped June 9, 1985. The Scottish-born Sutherland is on leave from Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colo. Frank Herbert Reed, American director of the Lebanese International School, kidnaped Sept. 9, 1986. From Malden, Mass., and a Lebanon resident for nine years. Joseph James Cicippio, acting comptroller at the American University in Beirut, kidnaped Sept. 12, 1986. From Norristown, Pa. Moved to Beirut in 1984. Edward Austin Tracy, writer. Revolutionary Justice Organization claimed on Oct. 21, 1986, to have kidnaped him. A native of Rutland, Vt. Alann Steen, communications instructor at Beirut University College, kidnaped Jan. 24, 1987. A native of Boston. Jesse Jonathan Turner, visiting professor of mathematics and computer science at Beirut University College, also kidnaped Jan. 24, 1987. A native of Boise, Idaho. Robert Polhill, certified public accountant and lecturer in accounting at Beirut University College, kidnaped with Steen and Turner Jan. 24, 1987. Polhill formerly worked as an accountant in New York City. BRITISH Alec Collett, British jouurnalist on assignment for the U.N. Relief and Works Agency, kidnaped March 25, 1985. John McCarthy, British TV journalist, kidnaped April 17, 1986. Terry Waite, Anglican Church envoy. Disappeared Jan. 29, 1987, while on a mission to negotiate the release of hostages held in Lebanon. FRENCH Marcel Carton, French Embassy protocol officer, kidnaped March 22, 1985. Marcel Fontaine, embassy vice consul, kidnaped March 22, 1985. Jean-Paul Kauffmann, French journalist, kidnaped May 22, 1985. Michel Seurat, French scholar, kidnaped May 22, 1985. Reported killed. Jean-Louis Normandin, engineer for French Antenne-2 television crew, kidnaped March 8, 1986. Three fellow crewmembers also kidnaped then have been released. Roger Auque, free-lance journalist for Radio Monte Carlo and other news organizations, kidnaped Jan. 13, 1987. INDIAN Mithileshwar Singh, chairman of business studies at Beirut University College, kidnaped with Steen, Polhill and Turner, Jan. 24. Singh is an Indian-born U.S. resident. IRISH Brian Keenan, English teacher at the American University of Beirut, kidnaped April 11, 1986. ITALIAN Alberto Molinari, businessman and Beirut resident for 20 years, kidnaped Sept. 11, 1985. SOUTH KOREAN Do Chae Sung, second secretary of the South Korean Embassy, kidnaped Jan. 31, 1986. WEST GERMAN Rudolph Cordes, business manager of the chemical and pharmaceutical company Hoescht, kidnaped Jan. 17, 1987. Alfred Schmidt, biotechnician, kidnaped Jan. 20, 1987. SOURCE: Associated Press, United Press International