BOSTON, AUG. 18 -- An Air Canada pilot reported a near-collision today between his DC9 and a single-engine plane about 20 miles northwest of Kingston, N.Y., a Federal Aviation Administration spokesman said.

It was the second such report filed by an Air Canada pilot within four days, FAA spokesman Mike Ciccarelli said.

On Saturday, the pilot of Air Canada Flight 807 from Boston to Toronto reported a near-collision with a twin-engine Cessna about four miles south of Lawrence, Ciccarelli said.

The pilot of that jet put its nose down to avoid the smaller craft.

"As a result, two flight attendants struck their heads and they reported sore necks," the FAA spokesman said.

Ciccarelli said Tuesday's Flight 734 was en route to Newark, N.J., when the incident occurred. He did not know where the flight originated.

The pilot reported that while descending at about 9,200 feet, he passed within 100 yards horizontally of a Piper-type single-engine airplane, Ciccarelli said.

In Saturday's incident, the Air Canada pilot "said he saw the other aircraft when it was a half mile away and 100 feet above him vertically," Ciccarelli said. The other pilot, who also filed a report, said the jet was 100 feet away, both horizontally and vertically, when he saw it, the spokesman said, adding that the incident is under investigation.