DUBLIN, AUG. 22 -- Gary Hart, abandoning a fishing trip after rumors surfaced that he might reenter the Democratic presidential campaign, hurriedly left a rented vacation home without paying a $600 bill, newspapers reported today.

"In the circumstances, it was understandable that he forgot to pay," Mary Clancy, who rented the lakeside home to Hart, told the Irish Independent. "He had planned to stay here until the end of the month."

Putting an end to the rumors, Hart said through an aide Friday that he will not reenter the race for the 1988 Democratic presidential nomination.

Hart said Friday he would cut short his fishing vacation "because of developments." He made the statement after his former campaign manager, William Dixon, suggested the former senator from Colorado would restart the campaign he abandoned in May because of a sex scandal.

Hart did not say where he was going and has remained out of sight since. But Dublin's Evening Herald newspaper reported today that Hart secretly is continuing his holiday in Ireland, with his son John, 21.

The newspaper said he is "reported to be fishing somewhere in Ireland after going underground" Friday but had no other information on his whereabouts.

Hart rented the home in the small western fishing village of Oughterard, about 120 miles west of Dublin, for two weeks. Clancy said Hart left in such a rush he forgot to pay a $600 bill and neglected to return the keys.

Clancy said she did not believe she will have a problem getting the money.

Clancy told the Independent, "He was a very relaxed man, easy to talk to and had a great sense of humor."