SAN ANTONIO, AUG. 25 -- Vice President Bush accused Congress today of tying the president's hands with its "misguided attempts to micromanage our foreign policy." In response, Senate Minority Leader Robert J. Dole (R-Kan.) said it is unfair to attack fellow GOP leaders without advance warning.

"I think he's been unfair in criticizing Congress," said Dole during an appearance by the two presidential contenders at an American Legion convention. "When he starts attacking Congress, he's attacking Republican leadership in Congress. He ought to tell us in advance he's going after us," Dole said.

Bush, who first addressed a meeting of more than 5,000 delegates, said, "Congress has tied the president's hands tighter and tighter in the conduct of foreign policy over the last 15 years," and criticized the 100 lawmakers who went to court alleging deployment of U.S. forces in the Persian Gulf violated the War Powers Resolution.

"What kind of wacky world is this where the president is taken to court every time he moves our troops around in the national security interest?" Bush said. "Sometimes a president must take risk for peace, and he doesn't need to be blocked every inch of the way."

But Dole said Bush was wrong to criticize every member of Congress.

"There are a number of us in Congress who aren't doing that," Dole said. "When he says Congress, he ought to say some in Congress."