NICOSIA, CYPRUS, AUG. 26 -- Iran accused the United States and Arab nations today of trying to impose an "ignominious peace," and rejected any compromise in its seven-year-old war with Iraq.

The comments by Prime Minister Mir Hossein Mousavi appeared to be a reaction to yesterday's Arab League ultimatum that Iran accept a U.N. Security Council resolution by Sept. 20 or risk a mass break in relations by Arab nations.

His remarks, reported by Iran's official news agency IRNA, made no direct reference to the demand.

IRNA quoted Mousavi as saying the United States, by intervening in the Persian Gulf, seeks to impose peace on Iran "in collaboration with Arab reactionaries."

"We will never agree to such a peace," Mousavi said. "Even a psychological war cannot make us accept a compromise to the benefit of the United States."

Mousavi's remarks were the most direct and gloomy comment about a cease-fire by an Iranian leader since the U.N. resolution was passed July 20, but he also said Tehran has "shown interest" in mediation efforts by Javier Perez de Cuellar, the U.N. secretary general.

Iraq's news agency, meanwhile, praised the Arab League action and called for a boycott that would force Iran "to accept a comprehensive and lasting peace" in line with the U.N. resolution.

U.S. delegates at the United Nations are consulting with other members of the 15-nation Security Council about imposing sanctions on Iran for failing to comply with the resolution.

Meanwhile, sandstorms swept the Persian Gulf, drastically reducing visibility. Shipping executives puzzled over the whereabouts of another convoy of reflagged Kuwaiti tankers moving through the gulf under U.S. Navy escort.