MANAGUA, NICARAGUA, AUG. 26 -- Foreign Minister Miguel d'Escoto said today Nicaragua may not comply with a regional peace accord if the United States continues supporting contra rebels.

D'Escoto made the announcement at a news conference where a protest note to the United States was read, also containing criticism of Costa Rica and Honduras -- both signatories of the peace plan.

"There is no commitment if things don't happen simultaneously, and one of the things that has to happen is the cessation of aid," d'Escoto said, referring to U.S. backing for the contras. "We cannot be faulted for lack of compliance if they {the United States} continue acting in a way that is totally against the spirit of the agreement."

The peace agreement signed Aug. 7 in Guatemala by the five Central American presidents requires democratic changes in Nicaragua, including a restoration of press freedom and a lifting of state-of-emergency law. It also calls for cease-fires, amnesties for guerrillas and an end to outside aid for rebels -- all to take place Nov. 7.

The protest note, addressed to Secretary of State George P. Shultz, said that "against the will of the Honduran people" the United States continued to maintain contra rebel camps in Honduras.

It added that the air space of both Honduras and Costa Rica was being used as part of a rebel air supply network and by sophisticated U.S. spy planes that have overflown Nicaragua repeatedly this month. The note also alleged espionage activity by U.S. ships offshore.