Three convicted killers were executed, and a fourth death-row inmate who had been scheduled to die received a last-minute stay.

Wayne Eugene Ritter, 33, convicted in the murder of a pawnbroker, died in Alabama's electric chair.

Pierre Dale Selby, 34, convicted in the "Hi-Fi" torture-murders of three people and the maiming of two others, was executed by injection in Utah.

Beauford White, 41, who stood guard while six people were shot to death in a robbery at a suburban Miami home, was electrocuted at Florida State Prison near Starke.

That brought to 90 the number of executions since the Supreme Court permitted states to reinstitute the death penalty in 1976. It was the nation's first multiple-execution day since July 8, when death penalties were carried out in Texas and Mississippi.

The last time three people were executed the same day in the United States was Aug. 8, 1962, when three people died in California's gas chamber, said Watt Espy, a researcher from Headland, Ala., who keeps records on capital punishment.

Serial killer Gerald Eugene Stano, 35, who has claimed responsibility for killing 41 women, had been scheduled for execution in Florida at 1 p.m. but received an indefinite stay from a federal circuit court panel.