NDJAMENA, CHAD, AUG. 28 -- Libya bombed four sites in Chad today and said it had recaptured one of them -- the town of Aozou. Chad said the key outpost was still in government hands.

A statement from the Chadian military command said Chadian troops were holding Aozou, which they captured Aug. 8 after 14 years of Libyan occupation.

Official Chad radio said Aozou and three other sites had been bombed repeatedly.

"The Libyan Air Force is persistently bombing the north of our country with toxic gases and napalm bombs at the very time when African leaders have launched diplomatic campaigns aimed at finding a peaceful solution to the Chad-Libya border dispute," the broadcast said.

Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda, chairman of the Organization of African Unity, returned home to Lusaka today from talks in Tripoli with Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi. It was the last stop on a trip designed to head off further Chad-Libya fighting.

While he was flying home, the Libyan news agency JANA issued the announcement that Aozou -- the administrative center of a disputed border region in the central Sahara desert -- had been retaken.

The JANA statement appeared to hold out little hope of a settlement.

"After the failure of all peaceful efforts, orders were issued this morning to our military forces to advance into Aozou," it said. "It has been liberated and the enemy forced out after a battle which lasted two hours."

The Chadian Embassy in Paris, meanwhile, appealed for supplies of military equipment in what it called "these grave and worrying circumstances."

It said in addition to striking Aozou, Libyan planes struck Bardai, Wour and Ounianga-Kebir.

Aozou is the only inhabited place in the Aozou desert strip along Libya's border with Chad.