July 6, 1986:

Arturo Tolentino and about 400 soldiers take over the landmark Manila Hotel in the capital. Tolentino, once a running mate of president Ferdinand Marcos, proclaims himself acting president and declares a breakaway government. The coup ends peacefully 36 hours later. It is later revealed that Marcos was in regular telephone contact with the rebels.

Aug. 14:

Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile announces that the military has uncovered a plot by forces loyal to Marcos to kidnap President Corazon Aquino and overthrow her government. Enrile says targets of the plot also included Vice President Salvador Laurel and Armed Forces Chief of Staff Gen. Fidel V. Ramos.

Nov. 9:

On the eve of a scheduled trip to Japan, Aquino warns dissidents in the military against attempted coups. Sources reported a plot, called "God Save the Queen," that would have removed key members of her Cabinet and created a prime ministerial government under Enrile's control.

Nov. 23:

Aquino fires Enrile amid rumors of a coup attempt by soldiers loyal to him.

Jan. 27, 1987:

Forces loyal to Marcos seize a commercial radio and television complex in Quezon City and try to take over key military installations. The rebellion is reportedly part of a plan by Marcos to stage a dramatic return from exile.

April 18:

Rebel troops storm Army headquarters in Manila in an attempt to free soldiers held in connection with the January coup attempt. The rebels later surrender to loyal government troops.

July 6-7:

U.S. State and Justice department officials restrict Marcos to the Hawaiian island of Oahu after discovering that he has plotted to land in the Philippines, overthrow the government and take Aquino hostage.

July 13:

An attempt to seize foreign hostages at Manila's International Airport and International School and take control of the adjacent Air Force headquarters is foiled when an Armed Forces major is arrested and confesses details of the plot.


Rebel soldiers stage an unsuccessful coup attempt in Manila and appear to seize control of Cebu island, site of the country's second largest city.