Israel yesterday handed over the last of the chronologies covering its involvement in the sale of U.S. arms to Iran, and an official on the Iran-contra panel said the contents "completely satisfied the needs of the committee."

Israeli Embassy spokesman Yossi Gal said the records covered Israel's involvement from January 1986 until the affair was exposed last November. Israel had earlier handed over financial chronologies of the affair and a historical chronology covering its 1985 involvement in the arms deals.

An official of the Senate Select Committee on Iran said lawyers and other staff members had read the records and found them "excel- lent. They were very detailed, factual."

The records were compiled on the basis of testimony from four key Israelis who arranged some arms sales and served as liaison officers with the U.S. National Security Council. The documents also included bank transfers and receipts.

Under an agreement worked out with the committees, the documents will be kept confidential. Should the committees wish to reveal any details, they must ask permission from the Israelis.

Israel has forbidden the committees to give the documents to independent counsel Lawrence E. Walsh unless he agrees to grant involved Israelis immunity from prosecution and promises to keep the documents confidential.

Walsh has subpoenaed two Israelis: former Foreign Ministry director David Kimche and Al Schwimmer, a U.S.-born businessman. Israel is appealing the summonses.