The government's projected $6 billion supercollider has elicited grand proposals from many of the states. This map describes selected proposals submitted to the Department of Energy before Wednesday's deadline.

California: Proposed two sites, in rural areas near Davis, not far from Sacramento, and near Stockton. The Davis site is opposed by nearby farmers. Enabling legislation was marked by a dispute over minority hiring for the project.

Colorado: Proposed a site 60 miles east of Denver. The state is banking heavily on the attractiveness of life near the Rockies to boost its chances.

Illinois: Has spent $10.6 million since 1983 and $4.6 million in the last three years preparing its bid to locate the machine adjacent to the current Fermilab at Batavia, west of Chicago. Considered by many the strongest candidate, Illinois is proposing to incorporate the Fermilab accelerator as part of the supercollider, thereby saving up to $500 million.

New Mexico: Submitted a proposal for the Etancia Valley, a ranching and farming area 40 miles east of Albuquerque and not far from two nearby national laboratories, Los Alamos and Sandia.

New York: Proposed four sites -- one near the Canadian border, west of Malone; one near Palmyra near Rochester; one near Newburgh on the Hudson River, and one that would straddle the border with Quebec. The last site is ineligible under DOE rules, which state the site must be entirely in the United States. New York, supported by New Jersey and New England, believes its location in the populous Northeast will attract the world's physicists more than an isolated site.

North Carolina: Pledged $537 million for a site near Durham and the Research Triangle Park and three universities.

Oregon: A two-site state, with one near Lebanon, between Salem and Eugene about 70 miles south of Portland and close to Oregon State and the University of Oregon. The other is in the northeastern part of the state, south of Hermiston and east of Boardman.

Texas: The state is proposing two sites, one near Dallas-Fort Worth and the other near Amarillo. Texas is putting to the voters in November a constitutional amendment that will permit the state to sell $500 million in bonds to support the project. In addition, a private West Texas consortium is promoting two sites, one in New Mexico.

Washington: Gov. Booth Gardner (D) has estimated that the state would spend $500 million on acquiring and improving a site in Lincoln County near Spokane, including adding an $18 million day-care center in Davenport.SOURCE: Associated Press SUPERCOLLIDER FACTS

A supercollider is a basic research tool in high-energy physics. It will accelerate two beams of protons in opposite directions to nearly the speed of light and bring them into collision at four points where detectors will observe the results of the collision. Estimated cost when completed: $6 billion Circumference: 53 miles Diameter of tunnel: 10 feet