CHICAGO, SEPT. 4 -- The Chicago Teachers Union governing body voted, 567 to 3, today to strike for the ninth time in 19 years to press for a new contract with a salary increase instead of the pay cut sought by the Board of Education.

If approved by the union, as expected, a strike will begin Tuesday, when teachers are to report for a planning day.

Classes for 430,000 Chicago students are scheduled to start Wednesday.

Chicago Teachers Union President Jacqueline Vaughn said, "We will stay out until we get a fair contract, be it a month, be it a year."

The CTU has 29,000 members. If support staff join them on the picket lines, the total number of employes involved would be 42,375.

Talks between the board and the CTU were not to resume until Saturday. Officials Thursday reported that while some progress was made on educational improvements, the two sides were far apart on money matters.

Meanwhile, 160 teachers in Moscow, Idaho, ended a walkout by ratifying a one-year contract, but about 16,000 teachers and support staff remain on strike in 21 disputes affecting more than 264,000 students in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Washington state.

In Detroit, where the city's 11,500 public school teachers are holding the nation's largest strike, Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Maureen Reilly ordered striking teachers and school officials to review the district's finances over the weekend and return to the bargaining table Tuesday.

Reilly also ordered that a progress report be filed by Thursday, but she did not issue the back-to-work order that had been sought by the district.