Pentagon advisers have accused Navy and Marine Corps leaders of condoning "overt and blatant sexual harassment" of women in the services and discrimination that hampers their chances of promotion.

The advisory group said it found the problems to be widespread and cited one case in which women assigned to a naval salvage vessel accused their commander of "public sex" aboard the ship and of attempts to "sell" female sailors to Koreans during a tour in the western Pacific.

Defense Secretary Caspar W. Weinberger, responding to the investigation by the Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services, announced yesterday that he has established a task force to review policies and recommend changes.

"Sexual harassment is contrary to our policy," said David J. Armor, the Pentagon's personnel chief. "The secretary has decided that his past statements have not been sufficient."

But Armor said the military faces a difficult task in attempting to change the attitudes that have fostered the "morally repugnant" actions of many male officers and enlisted personnel described in the committee's study.

Some of the major problems cited in the report, which was compiled after an investigation of U.S. Navy and Marine Corps facilities in the Pacific, included:Charges that ranking officers block the efforts of women to report cases of sexual abuse, including the case involving the skipper of the salvage ship USS Safeguard, who is accused of attempts to "sell" female sailors to Koreans, "fraternization" with enlisted female sailors and "public sex," a charge that the government refused to clarify. Incidents of abusive behavior toward women ranging from "verbal abuse to overt and blatant sexual harassment" at every installation visited by the committee's investigating team. A widespread perception among female officers and enlisted personnel that the command structure of the Navy and Marine Corps is seeking "to force women out of the armed forces" by hampering promotional opportunities for women. A military leadership that fosters and condones sexual harassment by allowing on-base activities such as noontime burlesque shows and meals at base clubs in the Philippines that emphasize sexually oriented entertainment. Inadequate housing and recreational facilities and isolation at overseas bases that "contribute to conditions in which extremist behavior {lesbianism} is fostered."

Seven members of the committee conducted their investigation of Pacific naval and marine bases Aug. 4-18. The agency reported similar findings last year after a tour of U.S. military facilities in Europe. The group reported then that women found "an indecisive, if not uninterested, attitude among the chain of command when confronted with episodes of sexual harassment."

In its most recent report, the committee wrote, "It has been alleged that the hierarchies of the Navy and Marine Corps, in particular, continue to project attitudes that are biased against women, in part as a means of fostering the macho mystique that is intrinsic to military service."

In the aftermath of the incidents reported aboard the USS Safeguard, the Navy has launched its own investigation of harassment and discrimination against female members of the service. The ship's skipper, Lt. Cmdr. Kenneth D. Harvey, 40, has been removed as commander and is awaiting further action pending the outcome of a Navy investigation.

The study also found that women in the Navy and Marine Corps believe that in many cases they are discriminated against in the promotion process. The report stated that the Navy's policies on barring women from certain combat-related jobs are far more restrictive than Congress intended.

"This trip revealed once again the pervasive problem that the services have in managing their people," the report said.

Defense Department personnel chief Armor said the new task force would study the issues of promotions and treatment of women in the military, as well as allegations that the different services are inconsistent in the types of jobs categorized as combat positions that exclude women.