Text of the joint U.S.-Soviet statement:

Secretary of State {George P.} Shultz and Foreign Minister {Eduard} Shevardnadze have completed three days of thorough and useful discussions on all aspects of the relationship between the two countries.

The secretary and foreign minister reviewed the full spectrum of questions regarding nuclear, conventional and chemical weapons arms control. In particular, the two ministers, together with their advisers, conducted intensive negotiations on the question of intermediate-range and shorter-range missiles. This resulted in agreement in principle to conclude a treaty.

The Geneva delegations of both sides have been instructed to work intensively to resolve remaining technical issues and promptly to complete a draft treaty text. The secretary and foreign minister agreed that a similarly intensive effort should be made to achieve a treaty on 50 percent reductions in strategic offensive arms within the framework of the Geneva nuclear and space talks.

Having discussed questions related to nuclear testing, the two sides agreed to begin, before Dec. 1, 1987, full-scale stage-by-stage negotiations which will be conducted in a single forum. They approved a separate statement on this subject.

The secretary and foreign minister also discussed regional issues.

The two sides discussed a broad range of issues concerning bilateral relations. A work program was agreed, to be implemented in 1987-88, designed to intensify joint efforts in various areas of U.S.-Soviet cooperation.

A constructive discussion of human rights issues and humanitarian questions took place.

Secretary Shultz and Foreign Minister Shevardnadze agreed that an additional meeting is needed to review the results of the work in all of these areas, including the efforts of the delegations in the Geneva nuclear and space talks. They agreed that this meeting would take place in Moscow in the second half of October.

In order to sign a treaty on intermediate-range and shorter-range missiles and to cover the full range of issues in the relationship between the two countries, a summit between President Reagan and General Secretary Gorbachev will take place.

The summit will be held in the fall of 1987, with exact dates to be determined during the talks between the secretary of state and the foreign minister in Moscow in October.