The text of Sen. Paul S. Trible Jr.'s televised announcement last night:

Good evening. I want to talk to you about Virginia and the race for the United States Senate. In 1988, I will have served in Congress for 12 years. These have been challenging and rewarding years, as I've worked hard to be a strong and effective spokesman for Virginia.

Thank you for the honor and opportunity you have given me, and for your confidence and support. Now it's time to look to the future, and I have decided not to seek reelection to the Senate for two reasons.

The first is very personal: my family. Simply put, the Senate prevents me from seeing enough of Rosemary, Mary Katherine and Paul. In a recent two-month period, I was home for dinner just three times. I want to see more of my family. Our children have known no other life than the Congress. Mary Katherine was born just 10 days after I took office. If I serve another term in the Senate, she'll be 18. She will have passed through my life, and I will miss seeing her grow up. I can't let that happen.

A second reason is my frustration as a federal legislator. For all the Senate's greatness, much of the important work of the nation doesn't seem to get done. The committee hearings, debates, filibusters and roll-call votes go on and on and on. Personally, I want to be better able to shape my day, set the agenda, do more for my family and for Virginia. So I'll complete this term of office with energy and enthusiasm and then move on.

I continue to believe deeply in the promise of America -- our nation's ability to promote prosperity at home, and peace and freedom around the world. Virginians have long recognized a special commitment to that promise. And I'll seek other opportunities to make a difference in the life of our state and nation.

I'm very grateful for your trust through the years, the honor of high public office and most importantly for your believing in my ability to make a difference.

Good night, and God bless you.