More Arizona residents now support a recall of Gov. Evan Mecham (R) than oppose it, following a controversial fund-raising letter. According to a poll conducted by The Arizona Republic and Phoenix television station KTVK-TV, 47 percent said Mecham should be recalled from office, while 41 percent opposed the recall. Twelve percent were undecided.

In a similar poll in July, 55 percent of respondents were against a recall, while 36 percent supported it and 9 percent had no opinion.

The poll was conducted last week two days after it was reported that Mecham's finance committee had sent a letter saying the recall movement was headed by "militant liberals and the homosexual lobby." The letter, mailed to 20,000 conservatives nationwide, encouraged them to move to Arizona and donate $1.2 million to help Mecham fight the recall. It was signed by the governor's signature machine. Mecham said he had not seen the final draft.

Both Democratic and Republican leaders have since called for Mecham to resign.

In the poll, 79 percent of those surveyed knew about the letter. Of those, 53 percent said it caused them to be less supportive of the governor, 9 percent said it increased their support, 32 percent said the letter had no effect on their opinion, while 6 percent said they had no opinion.