NEW YORK, OCT. 8 -- John A. Zaccaro's defense rested today without calling any witnesses after his lawyer called the government's bribery-extortion case the "flimsiest" he had ever seen.

The judge, however, rejected a motion to dismiss the charges against Zaccaro, the husband of former Democratic vice presidential nominee Geraldine A. Ferraro.

Zaccaro's lawyer, Robert Morvillo, said nothing in the testimony showed that the late Queens Borough President Donald R. Manes committed any crime or that he and Zaccaro came to an understanding about any crime.

Zaccaro is charged with acting in concert with Manes to extort a bribe from Cablevision Systems six years ago when the company sought a franchise to provide cable television in Queens.

Morvillo said the charge meant that Manes was the principal in the allegation and that "absolutely no proof, not a single shred, would support even an inference that Donald Manes engaged in conduct that constitutes an offense."

"Unless you have a guilty principal, you can't have a guilty aider and abettor," he said.

Manes committed suicide last year in the midst of a kickback scandal involving the city's parking violations bureau.

Justice John Thorp of the state Supreme Court scheduled summations for Tuesday.