ANN ARBOR, MICH. -- Cecelia Cichan, 4, only survivor of the Northwest Airlines crash that killed her parents and brother and 153 other people Aug. 16, was released from a hospital yesterday to the custody of an aunt and uncle, Rita and Frank Lumpkin. They boarded a flight for Birmingham, Ala.

At the family's request, no reporters were present, said a spokesman for the University of Michigan Medical Center.

Dr. Jai Prasad, the child's principal physican, said she seemed happy about leaving the hospital's "very regimented routine" after seven weeks. "That's a very normal reaction," he said. "Her general attitude was one of the finest I have seen in a 4-year-old."

Cecelia underwent four skin graft operations for severe burns to her arms and legs. She also suffered a skull fracture, a fractured collarbone and broken left leg.

Prasad said she will have scarring on her arms and legs, but none on her face, from burns that covered 30 percent of her body.

"She understands that she was involved in the accident," he said. "But she doesn't have any memory of how it happened."

Meanwhile, a criminal fraud warrant was issued in Detroit against John Irish, the man investigators say posed as a priest after the crash to steer grieving relatives of victims to a Florida attorney.

The warrant charges Irish, 46, "with obtaining money and services under false pretenses," said Wayne County Prosecutor John O'Hair.