MANILA, OCT. 9 -- President Corazon Aquino today appointed Sen. Raul Manglapus, a political moderate, as foreign minister.

Manglapus, a former law professor, replaces Vice President Salvador Laurel, who resigned the foreign portfolio last month to begin negotiating with opposition politicians over a possible united opposition party. Laurel remains vice president, an elected post.

As Aquino announced the appointment, Col. Gregorio (Gringo) Honasan, the fugitive former Army officer who led the Aug. 28 coup that nearly toppled her, accused Aquino of "coddling communists" and urged her to resign. Other backers of ousted ruler Ferdinand Marcos warned that they may be forced to recruit armed followers in self-defense.

Senators backing Aquino vowed to redouble their efforts on her behalf after being briefed on an alleged military-civilian conspiracy against her government. House Speaker Ramon Mitra called on the United States to deliver previously promised military aid.

Aquino said she had asked Manglapus to resign his Senate seat and join her Cabinet "because in this, our critical period of transition, the nation needs a man of exceptional ability, dedication, intelligence and experience to guide our foreign relations."

Manglapus, who has chaired the Senate's defense and security committee, taught at several U.S. universities, including American University in Washington, while in exile for 14 years during Marcos' regime. He said the government does not need to take more drastic steps to counter the threats to Aquino.

"There is absolutely no need for martial law or the suspension of the writ {of habeas corpus} or anything of that kind," he said. "The president possesses all the powers that she needs in order to solve the present situation."