JERUSALEM, OCT. 10 -- Israeli soldiers shot and wounded between seven and 25 Palestinians in the occupied Gaza Strip today, and gunmen critically wounded an Israeli man in Jerusalem, according to Palestinian sources and police and military authorities.

The shootings came as Arabs protested the earlier killings of four suspected Palestinian guerrillas in a gun battle with security forces.

An Army spokesman said seven Palestinians were wounded by gunfire in separate disturbances in and around Gaza City, capital of the Israeli-occupied Gaza Strip. But according to reports from the Arab-owned Palestine Press Service, at least 25 people -- all Palestinians -- were wounded.

In Jerusalem, police spokesman Rafi Levy said a 24-year-old Israeli man was shot in the head and critically wounded as he walked near the Damascus gate entrance to Jerusalem's walled Old City. Ten Arab suspects were arrested, Levy said.

At the Islamic University in Gaza City, Israeli troops fired on demonstrators who threw stones and shouted anti-Israeli slogans, the Army spokesman said. He said three students were wounded slightly.

But the Arab-owned Palestine Press Service quoted witnesses as saying 13 students were wounded by gunfire, one seriously. The witnesses were quoted as saying some of the wounded were treated at the scene because the Army prevented ambulances from entering the university.

In another incident, at least eight Palestinians were wounded when troops opened fire to disperse about 1,500 demonstrators throwing stones in Gaza City, Palestinian news reports said. The Army spokesman said he could not confirm those reports.

The demonstrators were protesting the killing of four Palestinian men, who had weapons in their car, at the entrance to Gaza on Tuesday night. An Israeli security officer also was killed in the confrontation.

The Palestinian reports said most Gaza City shopkeepers were observing a strike today to protest the deaths.

Israel captured the Gaza Strip from Egypt during the 1967 Middle East war. About 600,000 Palestinians, mostly refugees, and about 2,000 Jewish settlers live in the occupied territory.