BLOOD RIVER, SOUTH AFRICA, OCT. 10 -- Several thousand supporters of a neo-fascist organization dedicated to forming an all-white nation in South Africa took over one of the country's national shrines today.

It was the biggest rally in months by the Afrikaner Resistance Movement, a white supremacist group whose insignia resembles a swastika.

Supporters of the group, many wearing khaki uniforms, gathered at Blood River, where Dutch-descended Afrikaners defeated a numerically superior Zulu army in an 1838 battle.

The site is a potent symbol for white South Africans, particularly rightists who fear being overrun by the country's black majority.

At the meeting in Natal province, the neo-fascists called for the declaration of a white republic in the north of the province.

The organization opposes moves under Pretoria's cautious program of changing apartheid to establish an administrative authority in Natal shared by whites and the province's majority Zulus.

The crowd roared its approval when group leader Eugene Terre'Blanche passionately denounced any power sharing between whites and blacks.

In Lusaka, Zambia, meanwhile, the African National Congress guerrilla group urged western nations to pressure Pretoria to release jailed ANC leaders Nelson Mandela, Govan Mbeki and Walter Sisulu. The ANC held meetings in Lusaka and Harare, Zimbabwe, to mark the United Nations Day of Solidarity with South African and Namibian prisoners.