MANAMA, BAHRAIN, OCT. 13 (TUESDAY) -- Iraqi warplanes raided a Greek-owned ship yesterday, killing at least one crewman in their ninth attack in a week on tankers either leased by Iran or trading with it.

Early today, at least one Iranian gunboat attacked the Saudi Arabian tanker Petroship B off the coast of Dubai, Reuter reported quoting shipping sources. The 39,115-ton tanker was only slightly damaged by machine-gun fire, the report said.

The attacks came as four Kuwaiti tankers, flying the American flag and under U.S. Navy escort, were reported to have reached Bahrain, halfway point on the 550-mile route from the Persian Gulf entrance to Kuwait, at the head of the gulf. U.S. military sources reported no problems on the convoy, the 11th since the Navy began escorting reflagged Kuwaiti vessels in July.

In Beirut, meanwhile, a pro-Iranian group of Iraqi Kurds said it kidnaped three Italian engineers in northern Iraq and demanded that Italy withdraw its warships from the gulf.

Iraq said its jets hit "a large naval target," its customary description for a tanker, at midday yesterday. Shipping sources identified it as the Greek-owned Marianthi M, a 21,166-ton Panamanian-flag oil products tanker chartered by Iran. In Athens, the owners said one crewman was killed and one injured.

Iraqi jets have ranged the length of Iran's 600-mile gulf coast recently, trying to destroy the oil exports with which Iran finances its war effort.

At least nine ships were hit in the past week. Yesterday's raid raised the number of people killed to at least seven. Two crewmen were reported killed and four missing when Iraqi planes heavily damaged the Rova, a 239,435-ton Liberian-flag supertanker, in one of two attacks late Saturday. In the other, two Exocet missiles hit the 215,925-ton Merlin, registered in Cyprus.

Iraq said its jets also bombed oil and industrial targets in Isfahan, Khorramabad, Ilam and Tabriz on Iran's mainland yesterday. Iran's Islamic Republic News Agency said at least six persons were killed.

In Beirut, the statement issued by the Iraqi Kurdistan National Union said the three Italians were abducted to protest "Italian aid to the Iraqi regime and Italian military presence in the gulf waters."

Italy's Foreign Ministry said one was seized "around the middle of September" and the others about 10 days ago.

Italy sent three mine sweepers, three frigates and two support ships to the region after an Italian ship was attacked by what was described as an Iranian speedboat.

{Iranian and Iraqi diplomats completed the severing of diplomatic ties between their countries today under Turkish supervision, United Press International reported from Ankara.}