Rep. Jack Kemp (R-N.Y.) has gone to the airwaves to promote the Supreme Court nomination of Robert H. Bork. "Without pointing fingers at two other {Republican} presidential candidates, there has been a noted lack of leadership on this issue," Kemp press secretary John Buckley said. Kemp "is putting his money where his mouth is."

The 30-second commercial, which began airing on Cable News Network last night, will run for four days at a cost to the campaign of about $50,000. The ad begins with the anti-Bork forces calling for his defeat; Kemp comes forward to speak: "The American people want the Supreme Court to uphold traditional conservative values. The liberals have smeared a man of decency . . . . It's not too late to help Judge Bork be confirmed . . . ."

Buckley said making the TV ad was a last-minute decision. Kemp was "personally outraged by the way Bork has been lynched," Buckley said. Kemp called Bork Thursday to offer his support, and at a rally Friday, Kemp said if Bork is rejected by the Senate, "when I am president . . . if he is willing to be nominated again, I would make that nomination."

The Kemp campaign will air commercials promoting Kemp's presidential candidacy in Iowa and New Hampshire beginning in early November.