Remember the hue and cry over drug testing? The comment period on the guidelines ended yesterday with the Department of Health and Human Services receiving roughly 100 comments. That's peanuts in the regulation field, where a proposal to curb smoking in federal buildings drew 30,000 comments.

Dr. Stanley Edinger, on loan to the Office of Workplace Initiatives for the project, said most of the comments he has read are technical: suggestions on laboratory credentials, methodology and ways of checking urine temperature to detect cheating.

Edinger's office hopes to have the technical guidelines finished next month. After that, most government agencies will have to develop plans and estimate costs. The administration hopes to get the entire mission going by early next year.

The Pentagon Grows . . .

Ever since President Reagan took office he has been trying to build up the military and shrink the domestic side of government. This month he did both in one fell swoop.

As part of a program to turn the management of buildings over to their tenants, the General Services Administration delegated maintenance of the Pentagon to its inhabitants, and switched 1,360 employes from the GSA payroll to that of the Defense Department.

GSA also delegated 32 other buildings in the Washington area to the Defense Department to mop, sweep, heat, cool and light. Total space involved is 9 million square feet -- about the size of two Empire State Buildings.

Chalk up $77 million more for the military budget, and $77 million less for GSA.