RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA, OCT. 25 -- Foreign ministers of six Persian Gulf Arab states reacted today to Iranian missile strikes against Kuwaiti territory and shipping by saying any attack on Kuwait would be viewed as an attack on the other countries.

But ministers of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries -- Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and the United Arab Emirates -- stopped short of demanding sanctions against Iran for three missile strikes into Kuwaiti territory in the past 10 days, including one on Kuwait's main oil loading terminal.

The ministers, who have been meeting here for the past two days, said in a statement today:

"The council . . . condemns attacks and Iranian practices and reiterates that any aggression against a member state is an attack on all member states."

{In London, The Sunday Times reported that Egypt and the gulf states are about to conclude a deal to provide Egyptian military assistance to Kuwait in return for $20 million in interest-free loans to Cairo, United Press International said.

{The report, from Dubai citing Arab diplomats and Egyptian officials, could not be immediately confirmed. In Cairo, Egyptian government officials denied the story. The paper quoted Egyptian officials as saying Egypt sent about 70 Air Force pilots and support personnel to Kuwait last week and more Air Force units could be sent soon.}