Rep. Jack Kemp (R-N.Y.) on Monday became the second Republican presidential candidate to run television ads in New Hampshire. His 60-second spot is produced by Madison Avenue's Philip B. Dusenberry, a member of the team that created the "Morning in America" ads for President Reagan's last campaign.

The biographical spot, which will air in Iowa next week in a 30-second version, is reminiscent of the 1984 Reagan ads, featuring, as those did, scenes from small-town America such as a paperboy throwing newspapers, shopkeepers opening up their stores and farmers loading pickup trucks to the accompaniment of gently peppy background music. Unlike the Reagan ad, which contained neither the candidate nor a discussion of issues, the Kemp version includes an announcer describing Kemp as a tax-cutter, Social Security savior and believer in "peace through strength." In the ad, the blue-suited candidate mingles with voters, talks to schoolchildren and, at one point, tosses a football.

"Jack Kemp has been the captain of every team he's played on," the announcer intones. "If he wins -- we all win."

Kemp press secretary John Buckley said the ad, which follows by a week the appearance of a spot touting former Delaware governor Pierre S. (Pete) du Pont IV, will be aired throughout the New Hampshire primary campaign, as funds permit.

The campaign has prepared eight to 10 ads, most of them on individual issues including taxes, trade, Social Security and the environment. The plan, if the money is there, is to be on the air in either Iowa or New Hampshire at all times until Feb. 16, the day of the New Hampshire primary.