ELLICOTT CITY, MD., OCT. 27 -- A Howard County Circuit Court judge refused today to reduce the bond of a 23-year-old man charged in the Aug. 2 robbery and slaying of his father, a well-known Ellicott City restaurateur, despite pleas from the defendant's mother and friends.

Also at the hourlong bond hearing, a relative of suspect Demetrious (Jimmy) Prassos said he was present when Prassos' sister accused him of complicity in their father's death.

Circuit Court Judge J. Thomas Nissel ordered the bail for Prassos to remain at $250,000 because of the "nature of the offense" and the "lack of family ties in the immediate area."

Attorney Joseph Fleischmann II asked for a bond of $100,000, an amount that family members said they probably could raise. Prassos is being held in the county jail.

A grand jury indicted Prassos last month on charges of murder, robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery in the death of George Prassos, 59.

The younger Prassos is accused of conspiring with William C. Ray Jr., 30, of Towson, Md., who is being held without bond on charges of murder, robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery. Police said the elder Prassos was fatally shot when he struggled with a gunman at the Pirate's Cove Restaurant on Rte. 40. About $1,000 was taken, police said.

Prassos' mother, Kathy Angellides, said her son was kidnaped when he was about 4 1/2 years old by his father in an apparent child custody battle. Angellides said her son remained in Greece for seven years before his father bought him back to this country.

Angellides said her son "would not kill a fly."

Prassos' uncle, Nikolaos Papalazarou of Dover, N.J., said he was present during an argument between Prassos and his sister, Athena Zoumpoulias. He said the sister told Prassos, "You killed my father and now you're trying to kill me."