Former presidential aide Michael K. Deaver was hospitalized over the weekend for treatment of acute pain from kidney stones, his lawyer and hospital officials said, indicating that resumption of his perjury trial this week could be postponed.

Deaver "doubled over in pain Saturday night and was rushed to a hospital emergency room," defense lawyer Randall J. Turk said yesterday.

Turk said an X-ray determined that Deaver was suffering from kidney stones and he was given morphine to relieve the pain. Georgetown University Hospital spokesman Mike Marecki said Deaver was in good condition but "at the moment, Mr. Deaver's physicians are unable to state the expected length of hospitalization."

The kidney stone ailment surfaced after the first week of testimony in Deaver's trial on charges that he lied to a congressional subcommittee and a grand jury investigating his lobbying activities after he resigned as President Reagan's deputy chief of staff.

Deaver suffered a kidney failure in early 1985 that forced him to miss Reagan's second inauguration, which he had organized.

Turk said doctors will determine Deaver's prognosis Monday. The trial is scheduled to resume Tuesday, when the situation is expected to be discussed.

Turk said the kidney stone attack occurred suddenly. He added that he was not aware that Deaver had any health problem during the trial last week. Deaver has been in court daily since jury selection began on Oct. 19.