ARIZONA: Biotechnology laboratory, $13.3 million.

ARKANSAS: New agricultural law research center, University of Arkansas, $493,000.

CONNECTICUT: Create food-marketing policy center, $300,000.

FLORIDA: Sugarcane research, $300,000.

GEORGIA: Poultry lab addition, $2.5 million.

HAWAII: Controlling rat damage to sugarcane and macadamia nuts, $240,000.

IDAHO: Eradication of common crupina, $121,000.

ILLINOIS: Removal of sulfur from coal to make high-acid fertilizer, $4.2 million.

IOWA: National Food Center at Iowa State University, $8.5 million.

KANSAS: World trade center at Wichita, $5 million.

KENTUCKY: Stimulation of fruit and vegetable production, $142,000.

LOUISIANA: Commercial crawfish and red drum research at Louisiana State University, $200,000'

MAINE: Potato breeding studies, $36,000.

MARYLAND: Avian flu research, University of Maryland, Eastern Shore, $150,000.

MASSACHUSETTS: Belgian endive research, $60,000.

MICHIGAN: Study of blueberry shoestring virus, $92,000.

MINNESOTA: Organic agriculture and low-cost farming studies, $200,000.

MISSISSIPPI: Sonar catfish counters, $500,000.

MISSOURI: Soybean cyst nematode studies, $285,000.

NEBRASKA: Study of crambe and rapeseed, $95,000.

NEW MEXICO: Native wildflower research, $50,000.

NORTH DAKOTA: University of North Dakota study of Chernobyl disaster's impact, $600,000.

OHIO: Planning for center to study new uses for agricultural products, $133,000.

OKLAHOMA: International trade development center, Oklahoma State University, $100,000.

OREGON: Oregon State University agricultural research center, $2.5 million.

PENNSYLVANIA: Milk consumption study, $285,000.

SOUTH CAROLINA: Peach tree short-life study, $183,000.

TEXAS: Grackle (blackbird) control, $300,000.

VERMONT: Combatting maple sap line damage by squirrels and rats, $60,000.

VIRGINIA: Equine critical care unit, $483,000.

WASHINGTON: $1 million to plan replacement of Yakima Fruit Laboratory.

WEST VIRGINIA: Poultry research center, $3.7 million.

WISCONSIN: Study of beaver damage to trees, $150,000.